Wrapping Up 2017

This past year was one that felt monumentally uneventful, but only in the bigger sense. No, 2017 was very much about facing the parts of myself that I would much rather ignore— you know like coming to terms with the fact that your sneezes are utterly obnoxious, or that you chew REALLY loudly. The resounding theme this year was very much grounded in introspection. Of-course my (incredibly) stubborn self was forced to come to terms with my less…flattering habits, if you will. Given my unbending ways, I fought this year’s lessons over and over again.

To recap I’ve compiled a list of the things I learned/favorite moments of the year:

  • Seeing Elusive picture locked

  • I’d forgotten how much I love going to museums

  • Spending time walking around the city brings me life

  • I’m actually far less of a homebody than I believe myself to be

  • Spending the holidays with family

  • I apologize far too much…sorry!

  • Going to Pioneertown

  • I’m fickler than I care to admit

  • Beets and beans are still gross

  • I do not use my voice nearly enough

I was pretty all over the place this year, and as I always, I learned things the hard way. While I’m not revealing my mini bucket list until the 1st of the New Year, know that it’s plenty random and filled with mandatory outings. If you’ve never made one of these lists I absolutely recommend that you do! Small things that you’ve been wanting to check out or get to, start there. They can be as small or as big as you like. Think of it as things that you can treat yourself to, like going to a concert or baking cookies from scratch. Oh, and if you do decide to make a list, share ‘em with me on January 1st, 2018 (Facebook, Twitter or IG)!

Have a blast tonight!

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