New Year, New You…Kind of

My first stop in the New Year was obviously brunch, because how else is one supposed to combat that champagne headache? The five of us couldn’t possibly shuffle food into our face-holes fast enough. Some of us made sure to have a little hair of the dog, but as it turns out, that doesn’t quite work for me. After brunch we made our way back to the house, put our animal onesies back on, cuddled up on the couch, and watched Planet Earth for the remainder of the afternoon. Yesterday could be used as the example to explain the word “lazy” to anyone. So what I’m sayin is that yesterday was pretty much the only way that I wanted to start the New Year, with good friends (practically family), with delicious food in my belly, and a whole lot of relaxing.

January 2nd is the day when I jump back into the swing of things. Today is when I hang up my yearly list somewhere where it’s visible and start generating a plan of attack. Started the day with the gym and now sitting my rear at a coffee shop to write, read e-mails, and eventually do a little bit of reading before having to make myself look presentable (a feat I have no yet accomplished this year). I have to say, I got a chuckle out of how empty the gym was this AM but how aggressively busy both coffee shops I walked into were. I mentioned this to the barista (not my usual spot) and she was hardly amused.

For my 2018 list I decided to fill it with creative challenges than I have in previous years. The same travel ones that are always on there are back, as well as my yearly reading challenge (managed to read 18 this last year!). Everything else, unlike last year, is a little more within my control. I was very ambitious with goals last year, but more than half were feats that I couldn’t accomplish without outside help. My list still doesn’t feel entirely complete, like there’s something else that should be there that I’m overlooking, so there’s a chance that it will evolve. I’ll keep you folks posted if I make any additions, but for now this is what I have in store for the New Year.

I hope that everyone had a great end to 2017, despite any and all trials and tribulations. Join me in making 2018 about taking it one day at a time, spending more time with loved ones, and really indulging in activities that make you happy.

Happy New Year!

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