Midyear Check In

Since we're six months into the year, it seems only appropriate that I go over my little yearly bucket list to see how far I've come. So far so good, maybe even the best that I've done on one of these in awhile. The first one that I did, back in 2010, is the only one I've ever finished. My lists have gotten more and more ambitious over the years and I've had to be careful not to beat myself up over it. I mean, the whole point is to have fun with it and find activities that would challenge me out of my comfort zone. Without further ado, this is what I wrote down on my list:

  • Read 15 books (done! let's see how many I end up reading)

  • Make vegan lasagna

  • Travel out of state

  • Solocation

  • Submit Elusive to 3 film festivals

  • Pay off at least 1 card (boom baby)

  • Go to the Hollywood Bowl

  • 1 blog post per month (working on it)

  • Finish writing The Kindred (my first horror film baby)

  • Write a feature film or play

  • Theater, get back on the stage

  • Take and upload new headshots (first thing I did this year)

  • Take improv (RIP IO West LA)

  • Learn about wine (a work in progress)

  • Splurge on a good facial

Not too shabby and I have another 6 months to knock off everything else from my list, plus, I'm happy to say that Elusive has finally reached the sound stage of post production. My first baby is almost done and now that the stress of my first project has worn off, I'm ready to start contemplating what's next. I'm in the industry of waiting and patience has NEVER been one of my virtues. Some years are busy and some years are nothing but waiting (accepting mojo improving tips, see contact section and e-mail).

All this aside, I've been craving some change, and it will most likely come in the form of a hair change--I haven't dyed my hair in nearly two years, that's a record for me! There's also a chance that new tattoo is to come in the next few months (parents, you've been warned).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful June. Until next month folks!

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