We Meet Again

Boy has it been awhile since I last wrote. I had originally set out to write once a month last year, but it seems that I abandoned that journey around September of 2018. I'm trying to recall if anything major happened then, but honestly, I think it was just a matter of life keeping me busy. That being said there have been some exciting and then some not so great changes.

For Good News

Last November I moved into a new place with someone whose turned into one of my best friends. Our place is absolutely charming, it's walking distance from TWO of my favorite coffee shops, AND I'm now a dog auntie (how did I live without a dog for so long?!). Living with my roommate has been a godsend, she and I are the same kind of crazy, which means that when the anxiety hits we know what the other is going through.

At the start of the year I booked my first comedic play with Sacred Fool's theater company, which I was over the moon about! Those who saw it experienced what could only be described as Lost, meets Get Out, meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The show wasn't just fun to watch, but an absolute blast to do, and I had the good fortune of befriending everyone in this incredible cast. Since the show closed this past weekend, the post-show blues haven't hit yet, but I know they'll come the second that I realize that I don't have to be back at the theater this weekend.

For Not So Good News

With good news also comes bad news and some of it has hit me in waves, while others have just highlighted the end of a chapter. I'm not ready to go into very much detail about this one thing, but a relative of mine has not been in great health, which has been a source of worry for some months. I'm fortunate to have people in my life that I can turn to when the reality of this starts to hit.

Then yesterday I decided that it would be best to part with my manager, which means that for the first time since moving to LA I am without a manager or a theatrical agent. I would be lying if I said that it wasn't utterly terrifying, but I also had to face that sometimes it's not a good match.

What Now

I'm both in panic mode and utterly relieved about the changes with my career. For sometime I've been catering to this idea of what I know I want to be seen of, so as I move forward I want to work with a team that can see that I'm sarcastic, I can be a total bitch without meaning to be, I love all things creepy, while I love fashion I'll never be the girl with the flawless hair or makeup, and I won't be the girl who spent $500 on her tee and jeans. Yes, though I don't look it, I am a woman of Latin upbringing. There's more to me than the sweet girlfriend character. Maybe that means I need to do some more writing while I figure out a new team, or learning other aspects of the industry so I can be better informed, but I know that I definitely want to collaborate with the people that I respect and admire. I'm currently working on writing a couple of things, one a silent short and the other a monologue that I hope to tape in the coming months.

Basically I have very few answers and I'm learning how okay that is. I have been blessed with some seriously incredible friends (don't get me started on the women in my life!) and a family that loves me. I'm trying to enter in this chapter with an open mind and trust that things will workout as they're meant to. In my career and my art I want to create stories and characters that challenge me...and that is all that I am sure of.

Well that's the short of it! Until next time amigos!



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