Rolling into the 20's

Long time no see. 2020 was just a hoot, wasn’t it? I could look back for reference, but I won’t since I’m at least 78% sure that I didn’t write at all last year. With everything happening, I was mainly focused on keeping my good friend (anxiety) in check. Admittedly, time to myself has been pretty therapeutic. I’ve always had this not so great habit of piling so much on my plate that it becomes a miracle every time I finish anything at all. I’ve transitioned from driving from one job, event, audition, or class to caring for 24 plants (all of which I’ve named, of-course). Oh, and did I mention that I moved into a new place exactly 5 days before quarantine began?

Last year just felt like a poorly written screenplay. Like no way would anyone go watch a movie that has a raging pandemic, a caricature of a human for president, civil unrest, police violence, and MURDER HORNETS. I would like my money back. Terrible writing. Characters not believable. Week 1 of 2021 has me worried that they got the same screenwriter.

Of course, if you’re reading this (which hi thanks!), you survived 2020, for which I say congratulations. 2020, which may forevermore be called the “unprecedented year,” challenged everyone’s sanity. Being deliberate about reaching out to friends and family, plus giving myself projects, is how I managed to get by. I used to warn anyone who approached what I had baked, but now I’ve mastered orange chocolate chip cookies and apple pie bread. I’ve learned exactly what my plants need just by the look of it, gotten into organization, and read more novels than I’d gotten a chance to in a long time. Despite what was happening outside my home, I managed to find small things to bring me joy. Learning that I can create my own joy is a pretty good thing to have learned in the most poorly executed year.

Anywho, I think I’d like to start writing here again. If you enjoyed reading this, let me know. If you didn’t, you can keep that to yourself. Also, would very much welcome any and all topic suggestions.

Happy 2021 folks!

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